Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Rhode Island, wind, & Christmas

I travel quite a bitmost weekends, actually, roaming North America via train and car. Europe calls me at least once a year, and Central America on occasion. But for the holidays, it's off to Rhode Island to visit family.

Rhode Island in the winter is not to be missed. Salty winter air is somehow different than salty summer airdrier with more tang. In the summer, the air is heavy with salt...thick, as if sailing through it might require the use of additional implements. Winter sea air makes the wind's salty edges sharp, cutting your checks as you walk along the water's edge. Few are crazy enough to walk the fort in that wind, so you have it to yourself...just the wind's howl to keep you company. Soon enough, that howl shows up inside your head as a voice you recognize as the voice of reason, and that reasonable voice is saying: You should go have some hot chocolate. 

It's nice to get out of the house, even for just a little while.

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